Company Overview

Lienguard is one of the Nation’s Oldest Commercial lien filing Scribner services with 4 decades of experience in the construction industry. We file documents necessary to protect our client’s claim and after filing, all documentation is returned to the client. Our client’s control of their account is absolute.

The company was founded in 1983. Nationally, Lienguard files commercial mechanics liens, notices, public and federal bond claims as well as municipal liens. Our fees are published with no hidden contingencies or hourly rates.

All work is done from one office. Request for work is processed within seven business days, (unless otherwise advised).   The staff is fully experienced in the construction industry, and currently we represent approximately 500+ different companies from all aspects of this industry.

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Construction Credit & Finance Group

Construction Industry Debt Collection Services.

Construct Collect Technologies

Construction AR Management Software

Lienguard, Inc.

A NATIONAL commercial lien filing service