A Holding Company
Led by Christian Values and Philanthropy


Foundational and Collective Beliefs Close to our Heart…

  • Honesty: we construe honesty as the fundamental pillar of our business and existence.
  • Ambition: we set high performance standards for ourselves and continually aspire to achieve them.
  • Teamwork: we thrive on coherent wisdom of our distinguished people who we also consider as our true assets.
  • Alliance: we believe in forming sustainable business alliances that provide impetus to our success and growth.
  • Humility: we religiously follow our founders’ family ethos of humility, respect and care towards others.
  • Social Responsibility: we remain mindful of our social responsibility and contribute towards sustainable development of the society.


Development globally, with specific on key and niche markets.

Company Portfolio


A National Commercial Lien Filing Service

Construction Credit & Finance Group

A National Commercial Collection Agency

Construct Collect Technologies

Construction AR Management Software